Deland Sport Aviation Village

DeLand’s Sport Aviation Village will be a premier location for manufacturers of recreational aircraft and related components. Already a major commerce center for the parachute industry and home to some of the world’s largest producers of sport parachutes, MT Propellers USA, and more, DeLand Municipal Airport will create a similar center for recreational aircraft manufacturers, dealers, and owners.

Phase One of the DeLand Sport Aviation Village, located on the east side of the airfield, will include 9-10 commercial-use hangars along with 20 T-hangars and storage facilities. Beyond that, the Village will expand through several planned phases, each designed to support manufacturers, dealers, builders, and operators of recreational and light-sport aircraft.  Phase 1A construction began with a groundbreaking ceremony just prior to the 2017 Showcase, and the finishing touches to the infrastructure are complete.  Applications to be a tenant in Phase 1A are available (see below) with plans for future occupants to begin building hangars in the first quarter of 2022.

Portions of the Sport Aviation Village will be accessible to the public. Aviation enthusiasts, would-be-builders, and student groups will be welcome to visit and learn about the exciting world of recreational aircraft and flying for fun.

We invite you to visit DeLand Municipal Airport and learn more about our commitment to sport aviation, or if you're ready for the next step, click to download the Application below!



Download the Sport Aviation Village PHASING MAP


Download the Sport Aviation Village APPLICATION