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Why We Love Light-Sport Aviation
Tue, Mar 07, 2017 at 12:00PM

Light-sport aircraft aren’t just nice to look at—they’re a thrill to ride, too!

There’s a good reason (several, actually) why light-sport is the fastest growing category of aviation in the United States today. Below, take a look at why we love this one-of-a-kind thrill of the skies.

Ease of access
Looking to make your way into the field of flying, but aren’t sure where to start? It’s no coincidence that so many first-time flyers are, today, starting with a sport pilot license that lets them pilot light-sport aircraft. This license is easier to attain than the traditional private license you would have had to obtain 15 or 20 years ago—it’s made for people like you, pilots who are just starting out and who want to enjoy the thrill of flying without being weighed down by long licensing processes beforehand.

Attaining a sport pilot license for your LSA isn’t just quick—it’s inexpensive, too, especially when you compare it with the costs of other traditional licenses. If you choose to opt out of the medical examination (which you can do, with a sport pilot license) you’ll be saving an even greater amount. But it’s not just about money—if you want to pilot an LSA, you can save much in the way of time, too. You need only clock in 20 hours of practice before receiving your license!

The fun factor
Light-sport aircraft are careful to not bog you down with unnecessary space, controls, or hard-to-maneuver machinery. These models are designed with your ease of enjoyment in mind, so you can be well on your way to more fun, faster. Since light-sport aircraft are not made for long distance trips, they give you a chance to spend more time solo (or with one passenger) flying through the sky and simply enjoying your day—no destination required.

Are you interested in piloting your own light-sport aircraft? As you count down the days until the next DeLand Sport Aviation Showcase (November 2nd through the 4th!), now is the perfect time to rediscover your love of flying and take to the skies with your sport pilot license. You never know how far it will take you!

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