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Perks of Becoming a Sponsor of the 2017 Sport Aviation Showcase
Tue, Jun 27, 2017 at 2:55PM

Perks of Becoming a Sponsor of the 2017 Sport Aviation Showcase

As an aviation enthusiast, you’ve seen it all. After giving back to the sport on numerous accounts, it may be time to take something away.

You’ve volunteered your time, participated in events, and maybe even seen some presenting days. So, if you find yourself looking for a new endeavor to fly into, then sponsorship opportunities could be just what you need.

Today’s blog will cover all you need to know about becoming a sponsor or partner of the DeLand Aviation Showcase. Read on to learn more.

Promoting your aircraft products throughout the year

Our sponsorship is featured around an opportunity for builders, designers, and developers to reach more sport aviation fanatics, so your brand can gain a continuous stream of visibility. That is one huge perk and a special way to look at your future sponsorship.

As an aviation expert and frequent showcase visitor, you’ve met all the right people, but wouldn’t you love to get in front of some new faces? Now you can! Spark new interests in others, or reach our existing audience, by having your logo featured on our website, main gate banner, program, and evening-event invite. The promotional perks sponsors get are endless and definitely worth the investment.

Networking opportunities with existing sponsors and partners

Becoming a sponsor, or partner, means you are joining an exclusive community. You not only are recognized on many accounts to the entire event audience, but you are directly connected with other head-honchos the showcase hosts.

When you are publicized in this way, others feel the need to talk and interact with you in order to learn more about your brand. Not only can this kind of connection open new doors for you, but it also has the power of putting you in contact with the right people (who can take your business to the next level).

Admissions, invites, and recognition

Depending on the level of sponsorship or support you decide to invest in weighs on the perks of your package. We, of course, show our gratitude to all levels of sponsorship by providing you and some guests with full weekend admission tickets. Not only that, but you also are automatically invited to the evening event and special parking.

Some packages even include social marketing, personal landing pages,  and the distribution of your materials at the event information booth. This way, your sponsorship donation will not only contribute to the event but also back up your branding.

Educating others on the world of recreational aircraft

Would-be-builders, student groups, and aviation specialists from across the nation and world come to our event to learn about the ever-growing world of aircraft. Be one of many exhibitors who make their name known to those who support the sport and yearn to learn more.

Again, we provide varying levels of support and sponsorship so every kind of enthusiast can join in on the fun and passion. With your support, your business will help ensure the fun and success of our 2017 event as you reap the rewards of recognition and event benefits. Dare to show your love for the sport in a new way! 

Visit our website today or give us a call to register for our November 2017 showcase. There, you will find a helpful chart laying out the different levels of sponsorship and investment amounts. We look forward to taking your passion projects to higher grounds.

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Our 2nd Year
I am so thrilled that the Deland Sport Aviation Showcase is back for year TWO!! I just know this year will be even more exciting! We are proud to be an exhibitor and looking forward to seeing everyone again this year! Have a wonderful Show. Hat's off to Jana and her team! All the Best. Lee Blankenship, Owner/Agent Lima Bravo Aviation
Author: / Thu, Sep 28, 2017 at 3:41PM