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Keynotes and Guest Speakers 1:00 pm Show Center Tent
Wed, Oct 25, 2017 at 8:45AM

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Accumulating over 5500 hours (CFI and A&P), more than 500 articles, 400+ videos, a couple of books and a couple of calendars, and heavily decorated with prestigious awards ranging from induction into the Rogallo Foundation Hall of Fame for his work in the hang gliding industry to his 2017 Minnesota Aviation Hall of Fame Writer Award, he still isn’t done.  Come meet Dan Johnson, President of Dan Johnson Media Corp and Publisher of  Dan also serves as Executive Director and Chairman of the Board of LAMA (Light Aircraft Manufacturing Association).  On stage in the Show Center Tent on Thursday at 1:oo pm Dan will give “Insight into the current trends of the sport aviation marketplace”. 

Next and straight from his 12 noon Weather Forecast will be WESH 2’s leading Weather personality and pilot Eric Burris.  Known well in this area, Eric Burris is a Meteorologist, scientist, weather graphic programmer, pilot, and shares the aviation passion.  Eric is a familiar face with many in Florida as he spent 6 years with a sister Hearst Television station in West Palm before arriving at their Orlando office in 2012.  Eric will help us to better understand “How to Forecast the Weather”, a key factor in keeping all safe both in and out of the skies.   

Friday, November 3, 2017

Bringing a wealth of diverse aviation experience and a passion for all things that fly, Steve McCaughey, Executive Director of the Seaplane Pilots Association and SPA Foundation, will deliver the “State of the Seaplane Industry” address.  The always enthusiast Steve will then take the topic to a panel discussion comprised of seaplane experts to include seaplane engineers, manufacturers, and distributors…sure to be a lively and informational session and one you won’t want to miss.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Saturday at the DeLand Showcase is an “All-About-the Student-Day”, and the guest speakers are tailored to appeal to a wide age range of folks, to include our next generation of aviators as well as those that will help to guide them on their journey. 

First up will be Drew Medina from Gainesville, Florida.  Drew will forever hold the title of the recipient of the first FMA (Flying Musicians Association) SOLO Scholarship.  Drew Medina is a top-notch student, an accomplished musician, and now (thanks to FMA/SOLO) a certified pilot.  Drew and fellow FMA member Gary Filip, a renowned Chicago musician, will entertain the audience featuring Drew on Sax, and then will share his path to becoming a licensed pilot.    

Next up is David Malcolm, with 30+ years as an aircraft mechanic, is the Vice President of the Eagles Nest Project.  ENP is bringing aviation to yet another generation through hands-on aircraft building in the High School classroom.  Eagles Nest Projects successfully integrates students into a unique, inspiring, and empowering STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) educational experience, while empowering the students to perform every aspect of building an aircraft.

From zero to ninety plus, Mike Zidzinius, Executive Director of the Lakeland Aero Club, has done just that in regard to club membership.    The club, located on the campus of Sun n‘ Fun at Lakeland Lindner Regional Airport, was initially founded to help students at Central Florida Aerospace Academy get their Sport Pilot or Private Pilot certificate.  Today the club is made up of youth, ages 14 – 24, from all over Central Florida.  And the youth members run the entire show…find out how!  Mike will share the secret to a successful flying club to inspire the next generation of aviators, keep them engaged, and headed towards an aviation career.


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