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How to Throw an Aviation Party
Fri, Jul 21, 2017 at 12:10PM

How to Throw an Aviation Party

Who doesn't love a themed party? It's always easy to match a theme to something you are passionate about, and what's better better than aviation?

Read today's blog to find out how to throw an aviation themed party and what you must include!

Pick the party

Do you really need a valid excuse to throw a party? It’s always acceptable to celebrate the ones you love with your close family and friends.

Birthdays are an obvious celebration, but how about a monthly movie night? Get creative with how you want to create bonding experiences with those who mean the most to you.

Gather decorations

You can find themed decorations at most retail stores or party themed stores. Choose a color scheme, like red, white, and blue and include aviation elements within them. Get white balloons that look like clouds, paper planes to hang from the ceiling and tape to the wall, and a little airstrip entry way leading up to your front door. This part's the most fun because you have a chance to get creative and showoff your fun side.

Supply the food and drinks

You can’t go wrong with party snacks and fun entrees. Depending on your party, you have the choice of supplying a wide variety of finger foods, or having a sit down meal.

A safe route is to always go for small snacks. Individual bags of popcorn or chips, cupcakes, cake-pops, mini sliders, or mini pizzas for finger foods. That way guests can eat and socialize as they wish. When it comes to drinks, make a large bowl of punch that matches the color scheme. You could do red fruit punch or yellow lemonade- whatever you like most.

Have fun entertainment and activities     

If you’re having a movie party the entertainment is easy- pick an aviation movie and play it when you see fit. You could also supply the kids or guests with kites and go outside for a mini flying experience. A way to express artistic creativity would be to buy some plain wooden mini planes and have guests paint their own, at the end of the party pick who did the best and offer a prize!

Fortunately, there are so many ways to make a party fun and unforgettable. We hope this blog gave you some helpful tips on how to share your passion of aviation with your kids, friends, or other family members. You never know, they may fall in love with the sport just as much as you!


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