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Exploring DeLand: 5 Things to Do
Tue, Feb 28, 2017 at 11:55AM

Are you flying into town for the 2nd Annual DeLand Sport Aviation Showcase? We can’t wait to see you!

While your weekend is sure to be filled to the brim with light-sport action, you can’t forget to enjoy the local experiences DeLand is known for. Take a look at today’s blog to find the perfect family activity for your downtime from the show!

DeLand Naval Air Station Museum
When you’re not in a plane, you might as well be learning about flying! That’s exactly the kind of experience that the DeLand Naval Air Station Museum offers its guests, who flock to the city in large part due to its rich aviating history. The former air station served as a key player in Florida’s World War II effort—now, it’s a space dedicated to that effort and the planes (and people) who made it possible.

Take a leap of faith…
If you’re always the pilot—but rarely the passenger—you might enjoy taking a leap of faith and going skydiving during your time in DeLand! The Skydiving Capital of the World is the perfect place to try this extreme rite of passage, with your family and friends as the audience.

…or find the “Perfect Spot”
Carving out the “perfect spot” in DeLand is easy—especially since it’s the name of a favorite local restaurant! Kick back with a burger as you sit at this perfectly-positioned restaurant, where you can enjoy dinner and a show—the show, of course, being fellow skydivers gliding through the air onto the field below!

Stroll through Downtown DeLand
DeLand’s scenic downtown area is vibrant and packed with small-town charm. You’ll be able to browse through local shops or grab a bite to eat while enjoying the pleasant Florida fall-time weather. The action at the Aviation Showcase is non-stop—don’t feel bad for kicking back and enjoying an easy-paced break in between!

Explore the great outdoors
If you’re flying into DeLand, you’ve already seen our roads, parks, and waterways from above—now explore them by foot! Breaks from the show are the perfect times to branch out and go for a walk through a scenic, tucked-away spot like Jackson Lane Memorial Park or the waterfront of Lake Beresford.
Which of these activities are you most excited to try? Let us know!

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