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DeLand Sport Aviation Showcase Selects Swift Fuels as its Exclusive Unleaded Avgas Partner
Thu, Jul 14, 2016 at 3:25AM

DeLand Sport Aviation Showcase Selects Swift Fuels as its Exclusive Unleaded Avgas Partner

Swift Fuels, LLC is partnering with DeLand Municipal Airport and will be the sole supplier of unleaded avgas to power aircraft at the 2016 DeLand Sport Aviation Showcase on November 3-5, 2016.

Swift Fuels’ unleaded 94 MON avgas (UL94) is now available nationwide. It is suitable for lower-octane demand aircraft and engines, which represent up to 65 percent of the U.S. piston fleet. It requires no hardware modifications to the aircraft; that is, it is “drop-in ready.”

Chris D’Acosta, CEO of Swift Fuels, said, “We are very excited to support the DeLand Municipal Airport and the DeLand Sport Aviation Showcase with our unleaded avgas – because it is uniquely tailored for all lower-octane aircraft. Pilots from California to New York and from Michigan to Florida have expressed their favorable enthusiasm for Swift’s efforts after flying our UL94 fuel. It is with the help of forward-thinking industry leaders like Jana (Filip) and the DeLand team that the nationwide transition to unleaded avgas has begun!”

John Eiff, manager of DeLand Municipal Airport, and Jana Filip, sport aviation administrator for the Airport, said, “We recognized that we had the opportunity to provide our customers with the cleanest fuel options available to us, and no other unleaded avgas meets the high standards that Swift Fuels, LLC has attained. Given that, we’re excited to partner with Swift Fuels to provide the needed fuel for the ultralights, light-sport, experimental, and other aircraft attending the 2016 Showcase. Swift Fuels is a global industry leader in the unleaded fuels market to replace 100L. We welcome their participation by not only providing this particular UL94 unleaded fuel but also by being willing to share their knowledge and expertise on the vast benefits of unleaded avgas with our visitors via forums during the event. Look for Swift Fuels CEO Chris D’Acosta and his presentations on our Forums Schedule later this summer.”

All light-sport aircraft (LSA) powered by Rotax engines are already manufacturer-approved to use unleaded 94 MON avgas “as-is.” Aircraft placarded with autogas supplemental type certificates (STCs) are also FAA-approved to use the 94 MON avgas “as-is.” Many older model aircraft that were originally type certificated to use a minimum 80-octane or lower grade of aviation gasoline can use the unleaded UL94 Avgas “as is.” Finally, about 20 percent of the U.S. piston fleet have engines that require aviation gasoline with a minimum octane rating of 91MON. These aircraft are now eligible to buy the appropriate Avgas STC certificates to fly using UL94. Aircraft owners can verify if their make and model needs an Avgas STC by visiting Examples of aircraft that require an Avgas STC include:

  • Cessna: Skyhawk (172 R&S), Cutlass (172 RGs), Cardinal (177s) and Skylane (182s);
  • Piper: Seminole, Archer, Warrior, Comanche and Aztec;
  • Beechcraft:  Musketeer, Travel Air and Duchess;
  • Maule:  all Lycoming-powered models;
  • Mooney:  models A-D and G;
  • And many other aircraft models

Pilots can check with Swift Fuels at to verify their unique aircraft requirements.

Please note: UL94 does not replace 100LL now sold at airports for high-performance aircraft that require minimum 100 MON aviation gasoline. Swift Fuels produces another unleaded high-octane fuel (UL102) that is part of the Piston Aviation Fuel Initiative (PAFI) program seeking to replace 100LL on a fleet-wide basis. UL102 has been selected to continue in the PAFI Phase 2 aircraft- and engine-testing phase scheduled to last until the end of 2018.

For more information about the DeLand Sport Aviation Showcase, visit DeLand Municipal Airport is committed to sport aviation! Keep up to date on all DeLand Sport Aviation Village and Showcase news by “liking” DeLand Sport Aviation Village at, and follow on Twitter (@DeLandShowcase).

About Swift Fuels
Established in 2005, Swift Fuels is a now a global leader in the advancement of high-performance unleaded aviation fuels. This includes developing UL102 – an “all-hydrocarbon” unleaded high-octane aviation gasoline that meets ASTM D7719, and the commercial deployment of UL94 – a 94 motor octane aviation gasoline that meets ASTM D7547. The company’s focus now includes advancing efforts to finalize the FAA’s certification of UL102 by the FAA’s Piston Aviation Fuel Initiative (PAFI) for use in all airplanes currently fueled by 100LL.  Swift Fuels looks forward to a day when toxic lead will be permanently removed from piston-engine aircraft through the roll-out of Swift’s environmentally friendly, high-performance unleaded aviation gasolines.

For more information, visit or contact Mark Hanes, or call 917-359-0697.

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