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DeLand Sport Aviation Showcase: The Gift of the Season
Wed, Aug 23, 2017 at 4:19PM

DeLand Sport Aviation Showcase: The Gift of the Season

The holidays may be months away—but it’s never too early to pick out a gift for someone special! Especially if that gift is a trip to the DeLand Sport Aviation Showcase.

Take a look below to see what makes a showcase trip the perfect present for anyone on your list.

It’s timely

You might have noticed the holiday season starting earlier and earlier every year. It seems like you’ve barely hung up your Halloween costume before the shopping commercials and holiday tunes start playing on the radio!

With this in mind, the Sport Aviation Showcase could not be more timely. It comes at a time when the holidays are on our minds, yet gives you the chance to complete at least some of your gift shopping long before the malls are inundated with that last-minute scramble.

It’s sentimental

We’ve all had trouble seeking out that perfect gift for someone on our list—whether they’re famously picky, or simply insist that they don’t need anything. A trip out to the showcase provides for a sentimental gift, an experience whose memory will last long after you fly home. It can’t be fit into a box or wrapped with a bow, but it can deliver the kinds of laughs and unforgettable family moments you most often associate with the holidays.

It’s versatile

Your showcase trip can be whatever you make of it. Keep things simple and enjoy a night of underwing camping, or head into the city of DeLand and enjoy the small-town charm and accommodations that abound there. Stay for the weekend or stick around for a while, exploring the natural thrills of Central Florida’s quieter getaways.

It’s cost-friendly

Finally, the gift of a showcase trip is cost-friendly! Low ticket prices ensure that you can bring along the whole crew—and until September 1st, they’re an additional 20 percent off! And of course, kids under 10 get in for free (as do students on Saturday!), so the experience of a true family getaway is more accessible than ever.

Get the season started off on the right foot… long before it actually gets here! Click “Buy Tickets” to book a space at the showcase, then stick around for news and exciting updates leading up to the big event!












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