The DeLand Sport Aviation Showcase is an annual event designed to promote and support recreational flying, highlight the latest in sport aviation products and provide buyers and sellers with opportunities to connect. The annual Showcase is held at the DeLand Municipal Airport (KDED) in DeLand Florida. The Showcase welcomes all aviation enthusiasts interested in affordable recreational flying, offering a special emphasis on all things related to flying for fun.



DeLand, Florida - As the volunteers and staff of the 2nd annual DeLand Sport Aviation Showcase took position and opened the gates, it became obvious that what had formed here over the past several days was the backdrop for a reunion of friends, flying and a trade event worthy of a winter retreat. Read More
The DeLand Sport Aviation Showcase is just 7 short days away. The Showcase Field is being prepped, booths striped, grass mowed.  Tents, fencing, and signage are going up.  Soon the Showcase Field will be alive with the arrival of exhibitors, media, food vendors, volunteers, and dignitaries.  Read More
"The show was very well organized. There was good vendor cooperation and there was a good ambiance to the show. As exhibitors, we were treated well. Keep that up; it's very important to us."
- Kirk Kleinholz, Dynon Aircraft
"For a first-ever event, this place is awesomely organized. It's obvious that the management of it know what they are doing. The layout is great. The size of the crowd is good for visitors because they can get quality time with exhibitors. Also, the flying sessions are well organized and there's lots of demo time, which is important for aircraft sellers."
- Sebastian Heintz, President, Zenith Aircraft Company
"Well organized. Like the feel of this event. Not going to Sebring. Suggest putting posters at more airports in a larger radius. Flew into three airports days before the event and no one seemed to know about it."
- Darin Hart, Owner, Legend Club
"Very well organized. Good turnout for exhibitors. Decent crowd for a first-time event."
- Robert Goyer, editor, Plane & Pilot Magazine
"It is amazing to think that this event was put together from nothing six months ago. This is obviously not these folks' first rodeo. Very well done!"
- Sims Kline, Volunteer
"The organization of this show is great, the food is good, and we love that dogs are allowed to attend! That makes a lot of people happy. We have had a couple of very serious prospects, and that makes it all worthwhile for us."
- Amy Saunders, pilot, Evolution Trikes
"We are very happy with the people who came by our booth... they are quality prospects. While the quantity of people coming through was pretty low, the quality was high, and to us that's more important. We are planning to come back next year. I was impressed that one of our shuttle drivers was the Economic Director of the City of DeLand. That shows community commitment."
- Michele Schlitter, Marketing Agent, RANS Aircraft
"If the exponential growth of the Deland Sport Aviation Showcase in its second year were any indication, to say the event is taking off would be an understatement."
- Keith Norden, President and CEO, Team Volusia Economic Development Corporation
2017 Partners

The DeLand Sport Aviation Village will be a premier location for recreational aircraft manufacturers, dealers and owners with support for homebuilts and light-sport aircraft. 

Already a major commerce center for the parachute industry and home to some of the world’s largest producers of sport parachutes, DeLand Municipal Airport will create a similar center for recreational aircraft manufacturers, dealers, and owners. Phase One construction of the Sport Aviation Village began with a groundbreaking ceremony just prior to the 2017 Showcase. Ground clearing is underway and the infrastructure bid has been awarded. Future occupants will begin building hangars this spring.